If you're looking for a specialist on the Sunshine Coast for a difficult site build then you've come to the right place. Tru-Built have helped people all over the Sunshine Coast and the hinterland build their dream homes on difficult sites. If you need more info or would like to access our floor plans simply contact us on (07) 5475 8690 or request all our floor plans at no charge by clicking here.

So What Is A Difficult Site Build?

If you have a building site that has high slopes, rock underneath the surface, site slippage, high bushfire rating or trees that need clearing then you're looking at a difficult site. Not impossible… but you'll need a specialist like Tru-Built who understand and have experience in these areas to ensure you end up with your dream home.

Tips To Help Make An Educated Buying Decision!

We highly recommend getting all the information you need before you purchase any block. Some sites need special requirements such as retaining walls, extra machines to break through rock under the surface, etc to make the house as safe as possible & these can be VERY costly. It's best to find all these out at the start so avoid any unexpected costs.

Why Choose Tru-Built To Help You Build Your Sunshine Coast Home?

Difficult sites are what we specialise in & what we're known for. We have over 20 years experience in difficult sites. We are regularly recommended by local real estate agents & surprisingly other builders as well. A fair percentage of the blocks we have worked on, other builders shy away from & the average person wouldn't know where to start without the help of someone with our experience & knowledge.

We also work with the block instead of against it. A slab on ground builder would do a big site cut which can be extremely costly. We work the design of our homes in with the shape of the block to make the most of each block eg: building in underneath or a split home that's shaped to the slope.

So How Can We Help?

We are based on the Sunshine Coast and we have a team of people ready to help with anything from visiting each site personally before we start building to having Engineers ready to undertake all the necessary tests to foresee any extra costs that might be associated with your block. To get in touch with us and help you assess your block simply call us today on (07) 5475 8690 or get in touch with us via our contact page.