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Building on a steep slope on the Sunshine Coast (from Caloundra to Noosa & Gympie) requires expertise, experience, insight and imagination. Not every builder has these essential skills when it comes to steep slope builds, but our team uses them to turn an otherwise difficult job into an extraordinary dream home.

Every sloping site is unique and our creative and flexible approach helps to create a masterpiece. We do not look at steep slopes as only a challenge, but an opportunity to develop something new and exciting.
All steep slope homes require expertise to navigate the additional building features that come with it. Many people find this daunting, and it can easily seem like an overwhelming list of added extras and things to do. With our experience, however, we know what needs to be done from the start. We bring a comprehensive, all-inclusive approach to the planning for your project, and you can rest easy knowing that we are experts when it comes to these more difficult blocks.

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Our Top 5 Things To Consider When Thinking About Building On A Steep Site/Slope Anywhere on the Sunshine Coast (including Caloundra, Noosa & Gympie)

  1. It’s more than just the house

When it comes to building on a steep slope, there is much more to think about than simply the design of the house. Additional things to consider can include things like environmental and financial factors. For example, the location of large or native trees on the block (what you can and can’t remove or need to build around), how to deal with water runoff, the extra building steps involved with steep slopes and the need for retaining walls around the house, future landscaping and/or driveway.

  1. Think beyond the view

One of the most common reasons people build on a steep slope is for the incredible views that can come from it. It is so important, however, that when approaching a steep slope build it is more than just the best view that goes into the plans and design. For example, having a deck with an amazing view might be great in theory, but if the sun and general wind direction for that block aren’t considered, you may not get the full benefit out of it.

Other things to consider beyond the view include the trees that are on and around the block. This is about more than just having your view blocked, but also things like bushfire safety, the protection of native plants and trees, and avoiding having your roof and gutters blocked from what they drop.

  1. Access to the site

There is a certain appeal about living in a place that is hard to access and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, neighbours and door knockers. The added privacy and ‘retreat’ like feel is another of the reasons steep slope builds can be so popular. It’s important when approaching a steep slope that the access to the site is taken into consideration, not just for building machinery, trucks and materials, but long term for driveway access and any future work that might be considered.

  1. Finance vs Design

There are many different ways to approach building a house on a steep build and each comes with its own financial factors. An expert builder with experience in steep slopes can help recommend the best way to work with the slope, making it an advantage to your final product, and helping balance the cost of what you can afford with the vision that you have for the house.

  1. Get your builder in from the start

Instead of jumping straight into getting plans drawn up and designs done for your dream home on your steep block, consult an experienced builder and include them in the process from the start. They will be able to consult on all the above considerations and so much more to help with the initial planning and design phases. This will save you time, money and the potential heartache of having an incredible design that may not be functional on the steep slope.

There are other important factors to consider when building on a steep site like building heights and boundary set backs amongst other things. We are experts in sloping block builds on the Sunshine Coast, you can check our designs below for proof. So here's your next step. Give us a call on (07) 5476 8690 and speak to one of our builders. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions or do a free site visit to give you further ideas and help in deciding on your build.

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