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Why Timber Homes Are A Great Choice For Your Next Home?

Timber homes are becoming increasingly popular in Queensland and beyond. Just look at the Queenslander, a world famous style of home architecture known for its timber construction and multitude of verandahs.Timber Homes Sunshine Coast

It’s no wonder why these homes are so popular. Timber is an incredible and time-tested material for building beautiful homes. Not only does it look good, but there are also multiple benefits of using timber to construct a home.

Advantages of a Timber Home

There are many advantages of building a home out of timber.

Timber provides great options for insulation and airflow. Wood is slow to conduct heat, so compared to brick, concrete, stone, steel, or glass, it allows lower levels of energy leakage from your home. This is good for keeping both hot and cold air in.

Wood is durable. There is a reason why some types of trees live for hundreds of years. Timber is a highly durable material that comes from our natural environment. It can be so strong that some types of wood have a higher tensile strength than both steel and hardened bow steel.

Though durable, timber is highly workable. It can be shaped and whittled down for beauty and practical use. Few other materials can be so useful yet so easy to manipulate to our needs.

In spite of the durability and hardness of the wood, it still has a little bit of giving. When foundation shifts occur or the soil expands and contracts, as they naturally do with the high levels of clay in Queensland, timber can naturally move with the ground. This can prevent the cracks that are often found with even the smallest shift underneath a brick or concrete block home.

Timber is an environmentally friendly, natural, and renewable resource. Through reforestation, trees are grown to replace areas once used for agriculture. Younger trees actually absorb more carbon than mature trees, essentially combating climate change at a quicker rate than an older tree can.

Wood Looks Good

Timber has been used to build homes for centuries, and today's timber homes combine age-old techniques with cutting-edge modern technology. They are extremely durable and comfortable while still keeping that old charm that you simply don't get with other materials. sunshine coast timber flooring

Brick and mortar homes tend to all look the same. They're built for speed and convenience rather than for any aesthetic appeal. Owing to the workability and the hundreds of varieties of wood, a timber home on the other hand is effortlessly beautiful.

The charm and resilience of timber-constructed homes really help a home stand out from the crowd. Standing out can make all the difference when selling a home. Selling a home can be a lengthy process but the unique features of timber homes capture the eyes and hearts of potential buyers. This lends itself to the good resale value of a home.

Indulge Your Creativity With Your Timber Home

Like we said, we love timber homes and we wouldn’t build anything else. But that certainly doesn't mean that everything we make looks the same. We offer a huge selection of floor plans, allowing for your input and the ability to express your creativity.

Our homes can be fully built inside and out, or we can make the external skeleton of the building, allowing you to fit and construct the interior as you like. Even on this building option, you can get creative with the front facade by combining different types of cladding to create the perfect look for you.

Adding Long Lasting Protection To Your Timber Home

It’s true that timber isn’t 100% perfect, as no building material is. Timber is both natural and beautiful and when protected correctly it can last a long time with little need for repairs.timber prices sunshine coast

Timber Homes require some upkeep to keep them in a beautiful, like new, condition. We recommend staining and oiling the wood to preserve it as much as possible. Aside from protecting the wood against moisture and termites, stain and oil gives timber a wonderfully rich appearance.

As well as building our timber homes, we also stock top of the range Cutek Oil which is ideal for exposed or heavy usage areas such as decking.

Whether you’re a timber enthusiast like us or you’re just learning about the many advantages of owning a timber home, giving timber homes chance as your next home option is well worth the time and thought. There is no doubt in our minds that it is the best, most beautiful, unique, and environmentally friendly home building option on the market today.
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