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How much does it cost to build on a sloping site

On a sloping site it is very difficult to give you an exact price per square metre because it's very much site dependent. What we can do is have one of our standard designs, we can do an itemised costing on that design on your site at no cost. This will give you an indication […]

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How Long Does It Take To Build A New Home?

Many builders say they can build a house in eight weeks, 12 weeks, that sort of thing. It's usually not clarified how they calculate that figure. We would rather be honest and give you a conservative time to build your house. We allow two months for the documentation and building approval and depending on what […]

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Do You Build To Other Stages

We build to probably three stages, the first one being enclosed stage, the second being fully built un-painted without floor coverings and the third one being a premium finish which is fully painted hardwood floors right through turn a key ready to move in. The enclosed stage is ideal for people in the trade, plumbers, […]

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What Are The Details Behind The Bedroom Restricted Window Regulations?

It's mandatory to have the maximum opening of a window in a bedroom to be 125 millimetres on the balustrade. This law has been passes to prevent beds getting placed against the windows, as there has been cases of kids falling out of the window when climbing onto beds which are places against windows. While […]

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Basic Principals Of Eco Design

What are the main principles of Eco Design? There's a lot of new thoughts on Eco design, but the main thing to keep in mind is to keep the basic principals in tact and you'll have a home which is going to make easier a lot more eco friendly and save you lots of money […]

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90 mm Framing V's 70 mm Framing

90 mill framing is better than 70 mm framing is better because it is wider, therefore it is structurally more sound in your house and it also gives you a larger gap between the services that run through the frames. 22 years ago when we first started we used to use 70mm framing, then a […]

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Welcome To Our Website

Welcome to the Tru-Built Website. On this website you'll find general information about what we do and the best ways to find a qualified builder on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Gold Coast. If you have any question we'd be more than happy to chat to you on (07) 5476 8690. On this website you'll […]

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