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When it comes to your home, why should you settle for anything but the best? Stages building helps you turn your dream home into a reality.

As a highly affordable and desirable home solution, stages building puts power into the hands of the person who matters most, you.

What Is Stages Building?

With stages building, you get to choose the floor plan of your home and the extent – or stage in the building process – it is built to.

Working with you, we'll build your new home from scratch. When you move into it you'll know that you have something truly special that belongs to you and you alone.

Stages building is an ideal home solution for today's modern world. It is suitable for those with building expertise themselves or those who are complete newcomers to property and house building.

What Stages Are Houses Built To?

Our quality houses can be built in two different stages: fully built or lock up.

Fully built is just as it sounds. A fully built home is move-in ready. Upon completion, your new property will have everything that you'd expect to find in a new home.

Even with this option, we believe that the customer is always king and queen. That means that we'll work with you every step of the way, ensuring that your needs are met and that your fully built house looks just the way you want it.

Lock up is our other building option. With lock-up homes, the property is fully finished on the outside yet the interior remains unfinished. In effect, it's a beautiful shell of a home.

Lock up provides a great value for money and the option for the property owner to make a more personal input into the construction phase itself.

The Advantages Of A Fully Built Home

When you opt for a fully built home, you'll be able to relax and leave things to our more than capable hands. It's a stress-free way to a beautiful new home.

Customers who go for this option don't need any experience in construction, building, or home improvements at all.

Things To Note With Lock Up Homes

As you can see, opting for a lock-up property in our stages building program allows you to get a great property at a great price, while still being able to work on it yourself.

It's important to note however that to do this you'll need an Owner Builder License. This is achieved by passing a simple question and answer course online which we can help you with. The building approval will last two years so if your interior building work takes longer than 24 months, you'll have to re-apply for the license.

It should also be noted that many banks will only lend you 50% of the equity for a lock-up property. You'll need to have a sizeable deposit or equity to fund the rest of the project yourself.

Ecologically Friendly Homes

We all know the importance of being green, after all we don't have to look far to see the effect of climate change all around us. That's why stages buildings are designed with the environment in mind.

Our stages building homes are built with termite protected, bushfire safe timber that is built to last. The timber design allows for heightened insulation and airflow options, passing on electricity savings to you and reducing your carbon footprint.

So you won't just be getting a beautiful new home, you'll be doing your bit to help future generations as well.

With all the features our stages building plans have to offer, now more than ever is the best time to get started on creating your dream home.
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